All RISECO's training programs are based on E-Learning methodologies. At present, RISECO runs 4 E-Learning Programs. 


1. PEPC - Professional English Proficiency Certification
Details at, https://englishclasseshyderabad.blogspot.com/


2. PSSC - Professional Soft Skill Certification 
Details at, https://softskillshyderabad.blogspot.com/


3. PELC - Professional E-Learning Certification

Details at, http://elearningcertifications.blogspot.com

4. PCWC - Professional Content Writer Certification
Details at, https://contentwritingclasses.blogspot.com/

The first three E-Learning programs (PEPC, PSSC and PELC) are enrichment programs that prepare the TOP Management/ Managers/Teachers for the communication, behavioral and teaching-learning challenges. 

The fourth E-Learning programs (PCWC) are  career program. From the start you can avail our Placement Assistance for full-time Content Writer' position. You can also start working from home as a freelance content writer.   


For the last 18 years, more than 850 regional medium learners, mostly from Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana received training in English Proficiency (Note: We take only Graduates & Professionals. We do not take school & college students). Since 2012, more than 64 aspiring content writers (Graduates from any stream of education) received training and availed our placement assistance. 

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