Dear Content Writers,

Wishing you and your families a Happy, Healthy & Joyful New Year 2020

Be a Game Changer

Be the Game Changer as the world is already full of players. True and this applies to each one of us. My basic objective as a Senior Content Writer and Trainer is definitely to guide and mentor aspiring content writers on the science and art of Content Writing. With your support and cooperation, I hope I continue to achieve this objective. Each one of you is a game changer. My knowledge sharing is to be understood as one best model which I have evolved over these years. I want each content writer to be a game changer, with focus on creating their own model and approach to content writing.


Move from Dependence to Independence

Each one of us has moved from dependence to independence. For some, independent thinking comes very early, while for others it comes late. My sincere efforts are to enable you to turn independent and in-turn groom youngsters to turn into successful content writers. Some content writers even after the completion of their training want hand-holding to continue. By this, we are defeating the very purpose of freelance content writing, which means to handle content writing projects independently. Hope, each one of you understands the core objective of freelance content writing.


Please Understand to be Understood


Understand your client, research their competitors and key-words and make a resounding difference to each client's business with your SEO content writing. Team up with your clients and ensure that your content output matches their requirement for brand building and lead generation. Your content generates maximum impact and returns only when it is built on inputs from the head/founder of the business. Every word you write, and the content you develop should reflect the founder's vision, mission and values.  


Create that Distinctive Difference


My experience in working with different writers tells me that, no two writers are the same. This difference is visibly seen as personalized preference of style, grammar, vocabulary, prosody, idiom, social influences and cultural context. Majorly, there are two types of content writing projects. Specialized website content works which demand focus and attention of one writer. Bulk content works like article writing which allow for distribution of content writing work among the team members. Remember, not all content writing tasks can be shared with the team members, as all writers do not write in the same way, and their academic and professional background, and level of research that goes into each piece of writing is surely a deciding factor.


Have your Basics Right

Leadership is not a permanent position. A leader is one who guides others to become the best, and even better than himself. You can turn into a domain leader only by following basic values - focus, hard work, sincerity, team spirit and innovation. If you miss on any one of these, you lose your leadership, and the person who adheres to these values will become a leader. There is nothing like only he or she can become a leader, and you cannot become one. I want each content writer not to remain as a content writer forever, and if you have your basics right, you can turn into a domain expert and thought leader.


Take the Bull by its Horns

If you fight, you fight till the last. If you cannot, don't fight, and stop playing the blame game. If you want to turn into a leader, work with the leaders. Patience, perseverance, open-mindedness, competency and strong will are common factors that transform the common people into leaders. I never sought to work under leaders, but my destiny took me to work for industry leaders like ICFAI, Satyam Computers, Sujana Group, Pragati Group, Ayyanna Infra, Brigade Solutions and many more. Observe and learn from each leader. The path isn't easy, but not difficult. Do it, and prove that you can also turn into a leader in your own way.


Find Answers, Not Questions

In life questions are many, answers are few. Content writers need to create a difference by providing the answers. Remember, we are here because we wanted to be here. Never irritate your clients with questions, rather disturb them with your answers. Believe that, we won't fall-back till we find answers for our client's myriad business challenges. The more you research, the better will be your understanding of the domain, and the better you can guide your client. Follow caution, as you can suggest the one best way, and never dictate that what you say is the only way. When you think big, you can handle greater challenges, successfully.

Way to Shorten your Learning Curve

Speed, accuracy and on-time delivery makes you a successful content writer. Well, I accept that in the initial phase of any content writing project, you may take time to settle down, and understand the client' business and content expectations. However, if you focus on the business and leverage on your maturity you can shorten your learning curve. Your client is always your teacher. One best way to shorten your learning curve is to ask your client for reference or competitor websites and fine-tune your content to match totally your client's content expectations. Also, the level of research you do online and offline is also of great help to shorten your learning curve. 

Roja Sanjay, my heart and breath

For every content writer, family comes first. True, for an emotionally balanced mind, and sensitive heart, your family environment and your cultural moorings are primary. Love your family members as you love yourself. Love, care and understanding amongst family members create positive minds, healthy societies and stable nations. Remember your family is always with you, and never write-off your family members’ toughness in testing times. Something very personal but needs to be shared.

When I was terribly ill while working at Pragati Group, my spouse Roja Sanjay came to my rescue. Her strength and determination were so high that every day she came to my office. With a distinction in MA Economics, SLET and PGDCA Roja Sanjay sat in AGM’s chair and ran my works for 15 days uninterrupted. With overwhelming tiredness, I just sat in front of her to watch her go about with AGM’s job roles with swiftness and ease. Once my health was OK, she went back to her routine. I owe my life and breath to Roja Sanjay, what more! Remember to reciprocate and be sensitive and sensible to each family member's concerns and problems. True success is when you win the hearts of your family members, and later focus on winning the hearts of people in the world. Roja Sanjay proved this point with a life-time impact.


Choose to Live Happy and Healthy

You and I, and everyone has the right to choose a happy and healthy life. I want every content writer to be happy and healthy. But, this doesn’t include only you, but equally includes your family members, friends, siblings, parents, relatives and acquaintances. Our lives turn worthy only we find happiness and health for us and all others who care for us. Give a little time from your daily lives to share care and joy with all well-wishers.

I do this, by doing voluntary work for Dr Khadar Vali’ Clinic in Mysore, which includes attending/making phone calls from/to patients, guiding them on Clinic appointments, and offering tips on healthy Millets diet. This work may not bring any bank balance, but the level of satisfaction I get while addressing the desperation and concerns of patients with untold suffering and ill-health is immense and overwhelming. I am indebted to Dr GBK Rao CMD Pragati Group and Dr Sarala BHMS D/o Dr Khadar Vali for guiding me on the right path to serve fellow humans, impact-fully.

I believe the objective of everyone’s life as per God’s direction is to serve fellow humans and entire creation to the extent possible. Surely, I am fairly destined to carry this forward.

Once again wishing each Content Writer A Happy, Prosperous, and Joyful New Year 2020.


Thought Leader (Content Marketing)



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