Why Vardhan Enterprises?

The name "Vardhan" on a secular plane refers to protection, strength, and health. At a spiritual level it refers to the divine Lord Sri Krishna, who cares for his devotees, and comes to their rescue when they are in pain and suffering. Lord Sri Krishna is also called as Vardhan or Govardhana (Govardhana Giridhari).

He is described in Puranas as "Om Govardhanachalo Dhartre Namaha" (Lifter Of Govardhan Hill). Lord Sri Krishna is the avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu. He is one truth, and no one is superior to him. He is the source of everything. He is SATH CHIT ANANDA. There is no trace of material contamination in his body. He remains untouched by the modes of material nature as a lotus petal remains untouched by the water. He is supremely energetic. He is called Yogeshwara. 
















It’s beyond the capacity of human mind to understand of how Lord Sri Krishna lifted Govardhan for seven days on the little finger of his left hand. Srila Prabhupada explains in Krsna Book, where Lord Sri Krishna addresses His devotees, "My dear brothers, My dear father, My dear inhabitants of Vrndavana, you can now safely enter under the umbrella of Govardhana Hill, which I have just lifted. Do not be afraid of the hill and think that it will fall from My hand. You have been too much afflicted from the heavy rain and strong wind; therefore I have lifted this hill, which will protect you exactly like a huge umbrella. I think this is a proper arrangement to relieve you of your immediate distress. Be happy along with your animals underneath this great umbrella." Being assured by Lord Krishna, all the inhabitants of Vrindavana entered beneath the great hill along with their possessions and animals, and were made safe. 


Vardhan Enterprises owes its origin, presence and continuity to Lord Sri Krisha. It is an enterprise, as it realizes the dream of Smt Roja Rani Nannapuraju, an enterpreneur with profound interest in nutrition and health education, and considers it her life's goal to bring  Health for All. Smt Roja Rani Nannapuraju steers Vardhan Enterprises towards realizing in totality Dr Khadar Vali and Dr Sarala's Siridhanyalu Food Protocols for a completely healthy and happy life.

Significantly, Vardhan Enterprises brings the best, high quality and affordable Millets, Cold-pressed Oils, Palm Jaggery and Herbal Leaves (for decoctions) within the reach of every health-conscious individual, irrespective of their location or status. Vardhan Enterprises also brings clarity of communication by bridging what Dr Khadar Vali and Dr Sarala have prescribed through Siridhanyalu protocols, and what actually the aggrieved are doing in practice. Vardhan Enterprises goes many miles ahead in becoming the hub for not only high quality siridhanyalu, and guidance on Millet food protocols, but also the immediate response point for different queries, books and videos.

Vardhan Enterprises wouldn't have reached this point of dedicated service, if not for the continuous guidance and suggestions from Dr Sarala and Kushal. On behalf of all our 3000 WhatsApp Group members, we are totally indebted to the unparalled and dedicated efforts of Dr Sarala and Kushal. Vardhan Enterprises' online store (www.vardhanenterprises.co.in) is only a little beginning towards serving our 3000 WhatsApp Group members with the right information on Siridhanyalu Protocols,  bulk supplies of Millets, Cold-pressed Oils and Palm Jaggery. We are always ready to serve and meet the desperate needs of the health conscious people through our end-to-end support on booking of appointments at Hasuru Hani Homoeo Clinic, and supply of quality millets. 


Vardhan Enterprises seeks your advice, suggestions and queries. We consider it our privilege to serve your health needs as ever. We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous life.


Smt Roja Rani Nannaparaju

Vardhan Enterprises Hyderabad

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